audit2Statutory Audit
We carry out financial & statutory audit of our client records/accounts and produce audited report on the true and fair financial position of our client company, in doing this, we make faithful representation based on independence and objectivity.

Internal Audit
We install internal audit system for our clients and install audit procedures that the internal auditor would follow in achieving the objective, mission and vision of the company; checks and balances are the focus of the internal audit system.

Special Investigation
As a means of achieving a specific objective for our clients, we carry out special investigation in areas of interest to our clients: some of these areas could be investigation into defalcations, fraud, theft, loss.

We carry out special investigations on any loss area of the organization that our client may desire (stock, cash, procurement, sales & capital assets); except for specific terms of reference, our objective under this is to install corrective measures to discourage re-occurrence.