Financial Services

financialFinancial Analysis

We undertake to analyze the financials of our client company to advice on over/under trading, financial position, performance and changes in financial position as well as possible financial crisis.

Financial Reporting

We prepare and present the financials of our client company in line with accepted financial and accounting guidelines, providing timely and useful information for economic decisions and especially to be in compliant with IFRS where relevant.

Management Accounts

We prepare and present management accounts and reports to aid our client company management in their planning and decision making.

Cash Flows

We prepare cash flows for our clients to meet financing institution’s demand for loans and/or overdrafts and to make financial projections for a healthier business growth: This becomes more important where new projects are contemplated.

Bank Financing/Facilities

We partner with banks to arrange financing facilities for our client companies in the most economical and rewarding financing negotiations. We prepare finance facility models for our clients to secure their chances of getting bank funds for their business.