Other Services

other servicesCharts of Accounts

We work with our client companies to design a chart of accounts or review an existing one bearing in mind our focus for tax reduction, we therefore ensure in our design of the chart of accounts that the expense classifications pass the tax allow-ability test while considering the nature of our client’s business.

Business Plan

Most clients would require business plan either to meet future business project or to bid for a new contract or even to sell the company to investors or to get facility from the banks: we carry out this service with all the professionalism it deserves.


We train and re-train our client employees to hold forth to established client’s modus operandi, our training covers all aspects of Book keeping, Accounting, Finance, Audit, Tax and Management. We agree with the philosophy that ‘’employees are the most important resources of organizations’’, training them to get the best out of them will create added goodwill and value to the organization.

Corporate Rebranding

We help our clients to brand and re-brand their business ideologies by re-packaging their businesses through logo and brand name re-modeling, our corporate consultant in charge of this, is fully equipped to re-strategize our client companies through re-branding philosophies.

This will include re-branding the employees in order to achieve the much desired goal-congruence that the organization needs to grow continuously.