taxTax Audit

We carry out ‘tax health check’ for our clients in preparation for a statutory tax audit, this affords us the opportunity to prepare our clients records and files for the ultimate tax audit; our goal here is to do everything within the law to ensure that our clients pay the barest minimum of tax.

We act as Tax representatives for our client companies that desire the service

Tax back-duty audit Review

We also review tax audit reports from FIRS/SIRS and carry out a detail analysis of the contents of the reports to ensure that our clients are protected from unnecessary tax liabilities arising from ‘errors’ and/or omissions on the part of the tax authorities.

Tax payment Negotiation

We negotiate for our clients working from back to start; applying the win-win technique to get our clients to pay only what they have reasonably agreed to pay

Tax Management and Tax Planning

We outline the various tax issues of our clients and prepare a check list for action points and follow up reports. We advise on dates of filing of accounts and follow up to ensure compliance, example is following up to ensure filing of VAT and PAYE returns, WHT schedules, collection of WHT credit notes. We put in place a tax management plan for our clients just to be sure they are statutorily doing the right thing.

We encourage our clients to make provisions for anticipated tax liabilities, we manage the tax portfolio of our clients to ensure they do not incur more tax costs due to interest and penalty charges for either non-payment/remittance of tax deductions or failure to remit or deduct or file within the statutorily stated time.

Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC)

The end product of all tax related matters to companies is to obtain an unrestricted Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC), we work with relevant tax agencies to deliver TCC to our client companies. We also find a way to help our clients renew their DPRs and Licenses using our personal/cordial relationship with tax auditors and controllers to obtain restricted TCCs if we must in order to keep our clients business alive but mostly as measures of emergency.

We prepare annual reports and carry out tax filings for our clients, we are capable (giving our good relationship with the tax agencies) of obtaining a payment time line for our client’s tax liability (where value is reasonably high and could affect cash flow if payment is made once